Online Blackjack Strategy
and Betting Systems Guide 2024

Finding the best blackjack strategy should be the first thing you do before you start playing for real money. Blackjack is one of the top card games that online casinos provide. The game requires both skill and luck, which is part of the fun. Also, it has a low house edge and that is appealing for many players. If you are looking to increase your winning chances, learning a blackjack betting strategy or two is important. In this guide, players can find out about the different types of blackjack betting systems, tactics and pick the most suitable one.

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Why Do You Need a Blackjack Strategy?

A blackjack strategy offers a set of rules that guide players on the actions to take to boost their winning probabilities. Depending on the system, you can get advice on when to split, surrender, hit or double down. The advantage of this information is that it helps minimize risks and, consequently, losses. Knowing which moves to make and when to make them is the difference between a competent player and a clueless one. So, studying a blackjack strategy chart contributes to smart gaming. With the right system, you can control your profits better. However, blackjack tactics should only serve as a guide, though, do not look at them as winning formulas.

Basic Blackjack Strategies

Over the years, experts have devised various methods of improving blackjack odds beyond counting cards. Some strategies are suited for some games more than others. For this reason, players should know how to settle on the most effective option. The game has a basic strategy that focuses on the primary moves to make based on the dealer’s up-card. Beginners should study these basics before trying anything complicated. Although basic blackjack strategy is simple, novices might take a while to get used to it. Here are the common ones.

Soft Totals

A soft hand contains an Ace that can be valued as either 11 or 1. The flexibility of the Ace means that you cannot bust by hitting a third card. When holding a soft 17 or lower, double down or hit if the dealer has a weak up-card. If the up-card is a 7 against a soft 17, consider hitting because standing would increase your losses.

Hard Totals

A hard hand contains cards at face value, so an Ace counts as 1. Whether the dealer hits or stands on a soft 17 affects how your hard hand turns out. Avoid standing if your hard totals are 11 or less. Hard hands of 12 to 17 have a higher probability of winning than losing. Therefore, you should consider another blackjack betting strategy to decide the best actions.

Pair Splitting

When you receive two identical cards in an online blackjack game, the rules allow you to split them. Therefore, you can make two separate hands and get two new cards for each one. Your bet also doubles. The golden rule is to always split when holding a pair of Aces or eights. For other combinations, the dealer’s up-card is the key determinant. A 9-9 is worth splitting in most cases if the dealer holds anything lower than 10 (except a 7). If it’s a 7-7, split most of the time if the up-card is lower than 8. Never split 10s and 5s.

Late Surrender

One blackjack strategy that can help you reduce losses when holding a particularly weak hand is to surrender. This move means that you give up half of your original wager. Late surrender means that you make your decision after the dealer checks for blackjack. Surrender is recommended if you have a 16 and the dealer’s up-card is an Ace, 10 or 9. Also, it is advisable if your total is 15 while the dealer holds a 10.

Betting Systems

Most classic casino games have betting systems, and blackjack is no exception. The way you wager on a certain game dictates your experience and in some part, the results. Note that no betting method is foolproof. However, an effective tactic can help you keep losses to a minimum while increasing how much you win. Over the years, various systems have been developed, including mathematical ones. Choosing the most suitable strategy can be daunting. Nonetheless, knowing how different methods work can make this decision less challenging. Here are some popular ones.


Martingale is a commonly used system in various casino games. It is an iteration of negative progression betting and dates back to 18th century France. The guiding principle is to double your initial wager every time you lose. For instance, if you bet $5 and lose, the next wager should be $10. If this bet loses, then the next one will be $20. By design, the Martingale blackjack strategy earns you a profit when you eventually win. In the example, if you continued to wager a fourth hand, the bet would be $40. A win would return $80, meaning that you get $5 in profit. The Martingale system can be expensive, so ensure that you have a solid handle on your finances.

Kelly Criterion

This blackjack strategy calculates the proportion of your bankroll to stake to receive a maximum return. The formula is f= (bp – q) /b where f is the fraction of your funds to bet, b are odds on your bet, p is the probability of winning and q is the probability of losing (1-p). It can be simplified by dividing the player advantage by the game’s variance. For example, the standard deviation in blackjack is 1.15 bets, which gives a variance of 1.3225 (1.152). If the house edge is 2%, then the portion of your budget to bet comes to 1.5% (0.02/0.3225=0.015).

2-1-2 Manhattan Strategy

One of the most popular betting systems for online blackjack, the 2-1-2 Manhattan aims to build wagers gradually while reducing risk. It guides you on how to bet with your stakes counting as units. For instance, if you wish to wager $1, you would start with a $2 unit bet. If that won, you would increase it by 1 unit, and if you win again, increase it by 2 units. However, if you lose, the progression resets.

1-3-2-6 Blackjack Betting System

Another system to use for bet management is the 1-3-2-6, which maximizes payouts in a winning streak. You have to multiply your unit stake as the sequence dictates every time you win. So, if you wagered $5, if you won, the next bet should be $15, then $10, then $30. Losing ends the sequence, meaning you have to restart. A good tip when betting with this method is to begin with 5% of your bankroll.

Wagering Methods

Before depositing money at an online casino, you should know the best way to bet on blackjack games. Some players lose money easily without even noticing it because they do not pay attention to how they spend money at the table. When learning about blackjack strategy, you will encounter various wagering methods, and you have to know what works when. Some techniques are more complex than others, which determines their suitability. This guide includes the standard betting techniques available for different kinds of players and games.

Positive-Progression Wagering

Betting with a positive progression system means that you increase your stake every time you win and revert to the original when you lose. The 1-3-2-6 and Parlay are two popular types of this method. Say you put up $5 and won. You can increase the next wager to $10 and if you lost this hand, you would go back to betting $5. For effective positive progression wagering, knowing when to stop is important, because a single loss can clean out all your profits. The betting tactic is suitable for beginners.

Negative-Progression Wagering

The method is based on how much you stake on each hand. In negative progression, you increase your wager after losing. For example, if you wagered $10 and lost, you bet $15 on the next hand and $20 on the next one if you lose again. The idea is that if you win, then you can make a nice return. How much you add to a bet is up to you. Negative progression requires a big budget. Hence, evaluate your finances carefully before using this system.

Oscar’s Grind

The Oscar betting system applies across many casino games that pay 1:1. It is designed to boost your winning chances dramatically. Oscar’s Grind requires you to increase your bet by a unit for every win. The purpose of the system is to earn you a unit of profit. For example, if you wagered $1 and lost, then the next bet would remain $1. If you win that hand, then you have to add a unit to the next bet. It means that you get to recoup the previous loss. Now if the third hand also wins, then the cycle begins again.

Flat-Betting Method

Flat betting is the preferred blackjack strategy among novices because it is fairly uncomplicated. With this system, you stake the same amount on every hand. Although it might not be the most exciting tactic, it lets you break even and make a profit sometimes. The size of your bet depends on your bankroll and risk tolerance. Flat betting gives you more control over your bankroll, which is a huge advantage for many players. It minimizes risks while ensuring that you can get something from your investment.

Blackjack Cheat Sheets

Every move you make influences the game significantly. Therefore, you have to calculate each decision carefully to ensure that it gets you closer to decent winnings. A blackjack chart can help you make the best moves depending on the situation. Cheat sheets are popular tools that aid players to boost their chances of winning. Most casinos do not object to the use of strategy cards. So, take the time to find a comprehensive cheat sheet online and use it to decide when to split, surrender, hit or stand.

What is Card Counting and Is It Legal?

One of the simplest ways to play the card game is to count cards. It involves monitoring of cards already played by assigning them values. Counting cards tells you how many are left in a deck, which helps with your betting decisions like whether to get an insurance bet. The assigned values are 1(+1) for 2-7, 0 for 7-9 and +1 for 10, Ace and picture cards. A high positive count indicates higher value cards are still in the deck and vice versa. Counting cards is not illegal when done manually. An online casino will have rules against using electronic applications to count cards.

Blackjack Strategy Tips

Besides knowing when to hit or stand, a player should be open to and learn other ways to improve their game. The following tips should help.

Fully Understand The Rules

Whatever game you choose, ensure that you are familiar with the rules. A blackjack chart shifts according to the gameplay. Therefore, you must be certain you are using the correct strategies. Note that some rules like re-splitting aces, using an insurance bet and doubling after splitting vary across casinos.

Try Different Variations

Do not restrict yourself to one variant. Expanding your horizons lets you try out varying methods on more than one type of game. Learn how to bet when playing single deck or multiple-deck blackjack. Playing different varieties also enhances your skills. Trying several variants allows you to find the most lucrative and fun alternative for you.

Learn More Than One Betting System

Even when you find one blackjack strategy that works, it should not be your only go-to. Study several systems so that you have options to choose from when playing different games. Look at how varying tactics influence your gaming in different situations.

Boost Your Playtime and Winnings With A Promotion

The longer you play, the more time you have to capitalize on your odds of winning. Hence, you have to increase your time at the tables as much as possible, which means having a decent amount of money to spend. Casino bonuses and promotions like welcome offers can help with that.

Play At A Trusted Casino

Choose where you gamble online with care. For one, stick to regulated websites that allow you to gamble legally. You should also check reviews to see how a particular online casino measures up and that they provide fair games and services. Also, see if a casino has favorable bonus terms and conditions.

We all want a top casino we can trust and so use reviews in our comparisons when choosing where to play. If a review is flawed there can be no faith that the casino will be reputable and hold up its end with payment times and bonuses e.t.c. This is why casino reviews are so important and why we make every effort to ensure precise and trustworthy reviews. No one wants to get ripped off!

Practice With Free Games

Some betting systems like card counting take a while to master. Thus, players have to spend as much time as possible to improve their skills. Free games allow this without risking your money. So look for demo modes that are available on most titles to hone the best blackjack strategy for you. Alternatively, you can use no deposit bonuses to play without a bankroll.

Get Ready for Playing with the Best Blackjack Strategy

As one of the most popular casino games, blackjack promises exciting gambling opportunities. The game comes in several variants and variations that satisfy the needs of different players. For example, beginners can start with classic blackjack before moving to something like Blackjack Switch. Whatever your choice, there is a betting strategy out there for you. Begin by learning basic blackjack strategy before considering anything advanced. Take the time to understand which systems work where and remember, no matter how effective a strategy is, you should not base all your decisions on it.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Blackjack Strategy

Are you looking for more information about playing with a blackjack strategy? Then the following questions should help.

How many card decks are in a game?

Standard blackjack uses 6 decks, but a game can have up to 8. The option for a single deck or two is rare, but some online casinos offer it.

Should my betting system change depending on the variant?

Yes, because different versions have a varying number of decks and rules, the tactics you employ have to factor that in. So, find the most suitable methods for specific variants.

Do you hit or stay on 16?

The dealer’s up-card determines if you hit or stand on 16. If it is 2 through to 6, then stand and hit on anything else.

Should you ever split 10s?

You should never split a pair of 10s, especially if you are an average player. Always stand on 20 because the winning chances are high. However, you can split 10s if the dealer has a weak up-card.

Are cheat sheets allowed?

Absolutely, you can have a blackjack strategy card open when playing online. Be careful, though not to hold up the game too long.

Is it a game of skill or luck?

Online blackjack is largely a game of skill where players have to learn which moves to make and when. However, it also involves a bit of luck.

What is the best strategy?

A good blackjack strategy depends on the variant, the number of decks used and your budget. Ensure that you select a method that decreases the house edge and boosts your winning possibility.

Will I win more than lose using the Martingale strategy?

This method is designed to win you more than you lose. However, the strategy can be risky and requires a big budget since you have to double your wager after each loss.