Live Blackjack Game Guide + The Best Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos

Are you looking for an informed guide on live blackjack? The game is one of the most exciting table games that you can participate in at an online casino. Gamers use the standard 52-card deck and can enjoy different variations. Let’s further explore the game and know how it is played in the presence of a live dealer.

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Why Play Live Blackjack?

Playing live blackjack comes with a couple of benefits. Not only is it thrilling, but it also offers an exciting opportunity to maximise their spending at the selected casinos. Additionally, apart from the optimised mobile experience, gamers can also feel the human touch in the game as the dealer and gamers are live. Let’s explore some of the reasons to participate in the live casino games.

Choice of Variants

Live Blackjack Variants

With a wide range of blackjack live variations, gamers can comfortably choose what they love most at the comfort and convenience of their premises. When you visit the website, you can browse through the available variations, see the requirements for the game and click on your best option.

The Human Touch

Human Touch - Real Life Dealers

When playing these live blackjack variations, you will be interacting with the live human dealers through your webcam. Not only does this bring personality into the game, but it also intensifies the games. In case of any problems or issues, you can talk to them through a provided live chat, and they will respond using a microphone.

Real-Time > Real Outcomes

Real Time

Unlike other games on the casino, the live variations happen in real-time. You can see the live dealer dealing the game and hear them talk to other gamers. After a while, the live session is ended; all the results are shown on your screen. Everything is as real as it seems, hence intensifying the feeling.

High Definition Streams with Zoom

HD Streams with zoom

With high-quality visual and audio graphics, you can enjoy the games in a more definitive view. Additionally, you can zoom in for the features and distinctly see the game’s proceedings. The zoom factor leaves no room for rigging, hence making the games even more legitimate. Not only is it comfortable for gamers but also increases gaming satisfaction.

How Does Live Blackjack Compare?

Unlike land-based casinos, the live blackjack casinos allow you a higher level of privacy and convenience as they can access the games in real-time. Looking at the bonuses, the live casino offers better and higher amounts as compared to the brick and mortar variations. Gamers enjoy the realism thrill with excitingly high limits; automatically, this translates into high payouts.

Live Blackjack OnlineOnline BlackjackBrick n’ Mortar Casino
Convenience To Play✔️✔️❌
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High Limits✔️✔️✔️
Low Limits❌✔️❌
Real Play (No RNG)✔️❌✔️
Deposit Options✔️✔️❌
Special Occasion❌❌✔️

Quick Spin Guide on How to Play Live Blackjack

Playing blackjack can either seem daunting or easy, depending on how you take it. With clear instructions, you can grasp all the steps and enjoy your favourite variations. Let’s look into how to enjoy live blackjack.

  1. Join a table with live gamers and dealers
  2. Decide whether to hit or stand after analysing the hand value of the dealt cards
  3. Determine your hand value. If it is less than 21 or less, you will keep playing.
  4. The dealer then reveals his or her cards after all the players have made their decisions
  5. Whoever is closer to 21 wins


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Live Blackjack Variants

As with online casino blackjack, you will find many variants and variations available to you regarding live blackjack games. See our brief game guide below:

Live Common Draw blackjack

Common Draw Blackjack

While most people think that the goal is getting to 21, there is so much involved in this game. The game is a scalable version of the famous and classic variations. Once you are familiar with these two variations, you can begin to enjoy the common draw variation. With a standard 7-box live table, you can wait and try your luck in the game. Depending on the selected casino, you may also enjoy an unlimited number of players. Surprisingly, the variation is powered by NetEnt, and gamers can expect the best video and audio quality.

Double Exposure Blackjack

This is a variation of the regular blackjack game that involves winning with a 21 total or less. Nevertheless, the dealer cards show face up. Other rules change or favour the dealer for compensation. While the house edge is greater than the usual blackjack, it still ranks higher and attracts some of the best bets in most casinos when played well.

Live Double Exposure Blackjack

Live European Blackjack

European Blackjack

Unlike the classic blackjack variations, the game is played with two decks of cards. According to players, it is one of the best variations as the two cards are dealt face up. The facilitator deals one card to themselves facing up and another facing down (hole card). The hole card stays until the player makes a final decision. A player can choose to split, hit, stand, or double the cards. They can also split more than once, or fold on the first two cards. Reading through the rules, you will understand the benefits of the game.

Speed Blackjack

The game is the fastest of all the variations. It requires seven people to begin. The dealer then deals the cards to the quickest players, hence reducing the waiting time in the game. The game moves on real quick, and the slowest gamers will get their cards last. By the time players get them, it’s probably already expired. It requires speed and game mastery.

Live Speed Blackjack

Live Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch

This variation allows the players to switch between two pairs of cards. As the game starts, the live dealer deals each party two hands of cards. These cards are dealt facing up, and a player can improve them by making the switch. With an even payout of 1:1, the dealer will win if they have a blackjack. However, if the player has blackjack too, he or she will keep the bet amount.

Perfect Pairs

The variation requires great playing and betting strategies. It presents an opportunity to win big massively. Usually, the variation uses the same rules as classic blackjack, but with a betting twist. When the betting begins, each player gets an extra side bet. Gamers must understand that the side bet is a gamble on whether the first two cards being dealt will be the same number. Additionally, a player wins if the first two cards dealt to the player are a pair.

Perfect Pairs

Live Party Blackjack


The Party game follows similar rules to the other regular variations which state that a winner’s total must be closer to 21 but mustn’t surpass 21. You can only win if the total is 21 or close to 21. Gamers can get the amount previously placed. The major difference in the game is that it has two side bets, where it’s one side perfect pairs side bet while the other is known as ’21+ 3′.

Discover The Rules Behind The Types Of Live Blackjack Bets

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games around the globe. The basic table uses the 52-card deck without jokers. However, the other sophisticated variations may use other cards. Playing and winning the live blackjack games requires strategic plans, practise, and commitment. With the knowledge of the rules, terms and conditions of the game, you can quickly move from a beginner to an experienced live blackjack gamer within no time. While the standard practice is to play the free variations and gain knowledge in the blackjack, you can also learn these rules and maximise your returns.

Our Live Blackjack Casino Inspection Process – How We Review, Rate And Rank

Our dedicated team tests different live blackjack casinos, review, and rate and rank them to help you find the best casinos for you. Our review process is in-depth and offers you resourceful information to influence your decision-making process. Additionally, we know that every casino has something for everyone. Nevertheless, we only include those offering the best services for gamers. After reading our reviews, you can make informed and intelligent choices. Let’s look into our review process a little more detailed.

  • Casino Security – Safe Online Casino Gambling

    The casino should offer the ultimate safety and security for your personal information. During our assessments, we create an account with the casino and check the protective measures on the website like SSL certificates.

  • Reputability of the Casino

    During our assessments, we check the reputation of the online casino from the game providers, industry experience, as well as what other gamers have to say concerning the selected casino and the games in it.

  • Promotions and Bonuses – New and Loyal Players

    A good online casino knows how to reward its gamers. They do so using bonuses and promotions, especially the welcome bonus and subsequent rewards for loyal players. Check whether these bonuses can be used on live blackjack games.

  • Available Live Blackjack Games – Quantity, Variety and Quality

    The games available at the online casino affect the quality of a gamers’ experience. As such, we assess the variety of games available and the quality of these blackjack variations.

  • Live Blackjack Software – Innovative Software Providers

    For an online casino to have high-quality games, it must partner with reputable software providers. During our assessments, we check the software providers offering games at the casino and the features you will be getting.

  • Live Dealer Review – Interaction and Professionalism

    Our testing team creates an account at the online casino and plays the available live blackjack games. We then check the interaction and professionalism exhibited by these live dealers to help you know what to expect.

  • Mobile Compatibility – Play on the Go

    Nowadays, most online casinos offer gamers a chance to enjoy the games on the go. During our assessments, we also check whether the casino is compatible with your iOS and Android mobile devices and if it is mobile-optimised.

  • Gambling Limits – Max and Min Bets

    The gambling limits for casinos differ from one to another. We understand this and check the limits for live blackjack gaming from your selected casinos. It contributes to a great gaming experience.

  • Trusted Payment Methods and Payout times

    An excellent blackjack gambling site should offer its players a wide range of secure banking options for withdrawals and deposits. We check the available payment methods, the payout time, and the limits imposed.

  • Live Chat and Overall Customer Support – Quality of Service

    As we try out games, we also check the customer support channels available and whether they are high in quality. Usually, most of them have a quick and responsive live chat, emails, and a phone number for convenient communication.

  • Online Casino Experience – A Players Perspective

    Our last step in the reviewing process is narrating our online casino experience. Written from a players’ perspective, you can get more insights to make your final gaming decisions. It is informative and exciting.

Failure To Make The Grade ❌ The Live Blackjack Casino Blacklist April

Whenever an online service is unable to meet our stats and requirements, we will blacklist it as an unfavourable option for gamers on our website. You can visit our website and see the blacklisted casinos. Our primary stats for disregarding a gaming platform are complaints from gamers. If the platform experiences complaints such as unresponsive customer service, slow payouts, lack of site security, and other unjustified losses, it automatically makes it to our blacklist.

Blacklisted Real Money Casinos

It is not only from our review and testing team that these bad boys are added but also from fully investigated player grievances.

  • Cabaret Club
    Site is closing down

Find Right The Live Blackjack Casino For You!

Use our interactive casino match tool below to discover that online casino that meets all you needs!

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Quick Guide on Winning More at Live Blackjack Casinos

What to Know Before You Play Live Blackjack Game

Most people love live variations due to the thrill and ease of playing. Here are several things that you should know when playing live blackjack.

Play on the Go – Live Blackjack Apps and Mobile sites

Most live blackjack casinos have optimised their browsers for mobile usage. As such, gamers can comfortably access their favourite live blackjack variations on their phones and enjoy the same layout as the desktop versions. Additionally, they have mobile apps to allow you to play for real money and maximise your earnings while playing online. If they are from a reputable firm, you can rest assured knowing that these platforms are safe and secure.

Ready to Beat the Dealer Playing Live Blackjack?

Playing in a live dealer blackjack casino offers you a wide range of choices. You can select any variation you desire and maximise your winning. Not only are they convenient, but they also allow you to see everything that goes on at the online casino. With live human dealers and live gamers, you can maximise on the fun, as well as thrill. Additionally, with most casinos offering high-quality variations, multiple banking options and different platforms to play, you should be careful to know the website casinos that work best for you.

Shooting Star – Online Live Blackjack Casino For April

Live Blackjack Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers the frequently asked question regarding the blackjack variation. It is helpful and prepares the gamers for the game session.

What is live casino blackjack?

The blackjack variation is played in the presence of an actual dealer. When playing, the cards are dealt with by a live human dealer to you and other live gamers. With most websites optimised with high-quality visual and audio graphics, the experience is exciting.

Are there different live blackjack variants available to play?

Yes, each online casino will provide a different live dealer blackjack variation. These games have different looks, layouts, dealers. They may also have a few extra features. As such, a gamer has to confirm the available variations before committing to play at a new online casino.

Which live blackjack variant has the highest RTP?

The blackjack Charlie variation 7 has the highest RTP of 99.84%. Not only is the variation thrilling, but it also presents a fun way to maximise your earnings. The single-deck variation attracts an RTP of 99.75% while the European and Multi-hand variations attract a 99.60% RTP rate.

Is live casino blackjack played in real-time?

Yes, you play the games in real-time. Additionally, they involve other live gamers and have a live human dealer. During the game, you can see the dealer dealing the cards and hear them talking. Most casinos have a live chat function where you can type in your question, and the dealer responds through the microphone.

Are live blackjack games rigged?

Blackjack games are not rigged. Operators set high-security measures and display top-notch professionalism to ensure that you get high-quality and provably fair games. Additionally, you can see the dealer dealing the cards and notice when there is any kind of manipulation. For safety, check the online casino’s reputation and legitimacy.

Is special software needed to play live blackjack games?

Gamers do not need special software to participate in the live blackjack variations. However, you must sign in to your selected online casino and have money in the account. Also, you will need strong internet connectivity, and understand the game to begin playing. Most casinos have optimised their websites so gamers can quickly access the games.

Are regular blackjack strategies effective for live blackjack games?

The regular playing strategies such as picking the right game and the right stakes lay a firm base or foundation for you in the live blackjack games. While they still have a winning potential, you may have to learn live blackjack strategies to maximise your real money winnings while on your casino’s website.

Can I play live blackjack games from a mobile device?

Most online casinos have optimised their websites for mobile gaming. As such, you can comfortably access your favourite blackjack variations anytime, as long as you have an internet connection. Additionally, they may also have a mobile app to allow you more convenience when gaming online and live.

Are there free live blackjack games to practise on first?

Most casinos do not offer free live variations. However, you can participate in the free blackjack variations and perfect your skills before heading to the live section. The experience is just about the same; the only major difference is the absence of a live dealer and gamers in the live game.

Is fast internet needed to play live dealer blackjack?

All live dealer blackjack variations require high-speed internet connectivity. Most live variations require an internet speed of at least 2mbps. Since the variations come with high-quality visual and audio abilities, you may experience lags and buffering if your internet is unstable and slow. You can avoid all this by getting a stable internet.

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