Guide To Playing Free Roulette Games
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Online casinos are growing fast due to games like free roulette with a universal appeal. Besides, roulette is fun to play and is relaxing requiring minimal training or strategy, unlike poker or Blackjack. Roulette is a game of luck, which revolves around a wheel and a small ball. The excitement comes from placing the bets and the uncertainty of not knowing if the odds will favor you. Before raising the stakes with real money, it is better to play roulette online for free to become familiar with the tactics and boost chances of winning. Here is a guide to free roulette:

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Why Play Free Roulette Games?

Free roulette is identical to playing with real money. Hence, the gamer can experience the thrill of gaming without risking any cash. Apart from practising with different roulette variations, gamers can learn the rules and strategies. They can also get the grips on the gameplay and explore ways to improve their odds. It is also vital to learn the house edges and understand the bet types before playing for real money.

  • It is free with no hidden fees or deposits
  • Allows gamers to learn the rules of betting
  • Fun and entertaining to chase a win
  • Cannot win real money

How to Play Free Roulette

Free online roulette is a straightforward game with a few rules and simple steps, even for beginners. Check out the following steps of playing roulette online for free:

  • Picking a roulette game

    Gamers should choose the best free roulette variation from famous online casinos. After clicking the ‘Try It for Free’ tab, the free roulette game will launch automatically.

  • Deciding the stake size

    Once the online casino displays the roulette table, it is time to choose the betting amount. It can range from $1 to $100.

  • Placing the bets

    When placing betting chips on the table, gamers can place them inside or outside the betting table. Straight-up bets and betting on a group of numbers are also permitted.

  • Spinning the roulette wheel

    There is a spin option present in the game for gamers to click on after placing their bets.

  • Waiting for the ball to land

    When one spins the wheel, the ball will travel around the wheel before landing in a pocket, thus determining the winning number

Types of Roulette to Play for Free

Roulette gamers can take advantage of a host of variations available in online casinos. The European, French and American roulette are popular with players, but there are other online-specific versions like multi-wheel and multi-ball roulette. Here are the main variations with their layouts:

European Roulette


Play free European roulette to enjoy the best player odds. Its roulette wheel has 37 slots with red and black numbers 1-36 and a green single zero slot. Without the double zero, the house edge reduces to 2.7%.

Guide to french Roulette by Best Reviews


The French online roulette gratis is similar to European roulette with a single zero slot. However, the rules differ since a gamer has a second chance if the ball lands on zero. Besides, the house edge drops to 1.35%.

Guide to American Roulette


The difference between American and European free roulette is the presence of a double zero slot. Gamers who play free American roulette take a higher risk since the double zero slot increases the house edge to 5.26%.

Free Roulette Games on Your Mobile

Online casinos offer mobile-compatible versions of free roulette. Players can access the games through a mobile application or web page and enjoy the game on the go.

Casino Apps

Casino Apps

Free mobile roulette is accessible through various casino apps. Gamers can download the app and enjoy different variations of roulette from a mobile device. Users can also save their preferences and play anytime they want, even without an internet connection.

Mobile Casino

Mobile Casino

Apart from dedicated apps, gamers can play online roulette on the casino’s website. Usually, the website has a responsive design to suit any screen size or uses HTML5 technology to scale down the screen size. One can enjoy casino games as long as they have an internet connection.

Become a Skilled Gambler Playing Free Roulette

Roulette is a game of chance, but regular practice increases your chances of winning. Playing online allows gamers to hone their skills and understand the rules. Furthermore, It increases familiarity with the different variants and boosts the understanding of roulette odds. With free roulette, gamers can also enjoy unlimited playtime without worrying about losing money. Once a player understands the best roulette strategies, they can play with real money. Besides, demo play roulette does not require users to sign-up or provide personal information to enjoy the game.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most first-time gamers may have questions about playing online roulette for free. To save time, here are common questions and their answers:

Are free roulette games easier to win?

Free roulette games use a random number generator as used in real money games to determine the outcome. Thereby, making free roulette similar to real money games without the financial risk.

Which game variation has the lowest house edge?

French Roulette is the best variation in terms of players’ winning chance. It has a house edge of 1.35% compared to 2.7% house edge for European or 5.26 for American Roulette.

What are the best bets?

For better odds of winning, one should bet outside since it gives 50/50 winning chances. Choosing between odd or even and black or red is more straightforward than picking a single number from 37 or 38 possibilities.

Which numbers are most often picked?

Online roulette uses a random number generator, and even hot numbers will cease to repeat after a few spins.

What are the odds when betting on numbers?

Numbers are inside bets with lowest chance of winning. However, the odd will depend on whether it is a straight-up, split or corner bet.

Can I play live roulette for free?

No, live dealer roulette is only available for players wagering real money, as more costs are incurred by the casino/software developer.

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