2024 Best Reviews Guide On How To Play Roulette Online

If you are looking up a guide on how to play roulette, then you must consider the game a suitable gambling option. Why shouldn’t you? Roulette is a top offering at online casinos. It’s one of the simplest games to bet on. This guide shows beginners how to play roulette. We included all the fundamental information that novice players should learn about if they are to gamble on online roulette successfully.

Where To Play Roulette Online July 2024

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How to Play Roulette – The Basics

A core principle to remember about how to play roulette is that it’s a game of chance. For that reason, you can’t do anything to influence the outcome of a roulette game. Roulette has a table and a wheel. The objective is to wager where the ball lands on the wheel after spinning. You place your bets on the table; they can be on numbers, colors or sections. As you continue learning how to play roulette and win, you will understand the different types of bets possible.

After betting, you click the ‘Spin’ button on the game, which starts the roulette wheel. As the wheel spins, the ball drops inside it, and when it stops the ball lands into a pocket. If your prediction on where the ball falls is correct, then you win. Once you grasp these basics of how to play roulette, the rest comes easy.

The Table Layout

Knowing about the table and its design is as crucial as any aspect of learning how to play roulette. Despite roulette being a game of luck, you still need to know how to place smart bets. Familiarising yourself with the table layout helps. The roulette table is where players put their chips to indicate their bets. Tables differ across variants. A roulette table has the numbers 1 to 36, 18 in red and 18 in black. European roulette has one zero while the American version has a double zero. The table also has separate boxes for even, odd, red and black bets. As you continue studying how to play roulette, you can comprehend the intricacies of the table layout better.

The Wheel

You can’t study how to play roulette without learning about the wheel. Similar to the table, a roulette wheel has the numbers 1 to 36 with one 0 on European and double zeros on American, which increases the house edge. The zero is in green while the rest of the numbers alternate evenly between red and black. Therefore, two consecutive numbers cannot have the same color. On American roulette, the 0 and 00 are on opposite sides of the cylinder. The order of numbers on European and American wheels is different. Due to the randomized succession of numbers, roulette is considered one of the most balanced games, thus reducing bias.

Roulette Bets

One factor to learn on how to win at roulette is to know the right bets to make when playing specific games. Some wagers pay more than others and the odds of winning are different, as well. We have included some top roulette bets.

Inside Bets

When you play inside bets, you stake money on individual numbers or number combinations. The appeal of inside bets is that they offer high payouts. However, they are high-risk because the probability of winning is low. European roulette has five inside bets with the American variant offering an extra side bet.

Straight Up Bet

En Plein in French roulette, a straight-up wager is made on the preferred number. So, you win if the ball lands on the chosen number. This wager pays 35 to 1.

Outside Bets

If you are still learning how to play roulette, outside bets are attractive because they pay often. However, the winnings from outside bets are smaller compared to inside wagers. Outside bets cover various propositions like red-black, high-low and even-odd. Here are the available options:

Bets – Payout and Probability

Odd/Even, Red/Black,
1:1Am – 47.40%
Eu – 28.60%
Column/Dozen2:1Am – 31.60%
Eu – 32.40%
6 Numbers5:1Am -15.80%
Eu -16.20%
5 Numbers6:1Am -13.20%
Eu – 13.50%
4 Numbers8:1Am – 10.50%
Eu – 10.80%
3 Numbers11:1Am – 7.90%
Eu – 8.10%
2 Numbers17:1Am – 5.30%
Eu – 5.40%
1 Number35:1Am – 2.60%
Eu – 2.70%
Am = AmericanEu = European

The House Edge in Roulette

As you get familiar with how to play casino roulette, you have to be aware of the house edge. It refers to the mathematical advantage that an online casino has in a certain game. Expressed as a percentage, the house advantage determines your average loss to the initial wager. The vigorish in roulette depends on the variant. European roulette gives the house an edge of 2.70% while American roulette has a casino advantage of 5.26%

Roulette Surrender


Some online casinos offer surrender when you play even-money bets, which offers more value. In surrender, when you hit the 0 or 00, the player gets half the bet back while the casino keeps the other half. Consequently, the edge of the house is halved, meaning that you get more out of your bankroll. Surrender is available at selected casinos, though. So, check with an operator first before you play.

En Prison

The En Prison rule is designed to give the player more advantage. When you play even-money odds and hit the 0 on European roulette, then you neither win nor lose. The rule allows you to win your bet back. By leaving your wager on the table (en Prison), you have a chance to win it on the next round. The house edge with the En Prison rule dips to 1.35%.

En Prison

How To Play The Different Roulette Variations

When learning how to play roulette, you need to be aware of the different types of games available. Although you might not get around to gambling on most of them, understanding the distinction is crucial. The main roulette variants are:

American Roulette

American Roulette

This roulette game is a Vegas variation of the original. It includes an extra zero on the wheel, hence increasing the house advantage to 5.26%. Once you learn how to play roulette, you can consider trying American roulette. Although it’s riskier than other variants, it can deliver extremely profitable winnings.

European Roulette

European Roulette

Mostly available in European casinos, this roulette version has one zero on the wheel. For this reason, it has a lower house advantage than the American variant at 2.70%. It also has the En Prison rule. The European version is the perfect alternative when in the early stages of studying how to play roulette.

French Roulette

French Roulette

French roulette, just like the European variant, has a single zero. It also has the same bets. Besides En Prison, French roulette offers La Partage where you get half your bet while the casino keeps the other half if you hit zero. These special rules are only present on even-money wagers.

Popular Playing Terminology

Part of studying how to play roulette is getting familiar with the different terms used in the game. Here are a few:

Bet on the layout:Wagering on the numbers section of the table
Backtrack:The wheel’s other rim where the ball spins
Orphans:It refers to a bet on the numbers 6, 34 and 17, which are neighbors
On the square:An honest game
Cousins du Zero:A French word meaning a wager on the numbers that neighbor the zero on a roulette wheel

How To Play Roulette – Tips for playing online

A few tactics can help you play roulette to your maximum advantage.

Discover Your Perfect Match!

Once you have learnt how to play roulette you can use the casino match tool below to find the right casino for you:

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The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo

History credits Joseph Hobson Jagger as “the man who broke the bank” at Monte Carlo. Jager was an engineer who while visiting the Casino de Monte-Carlo, realized that roulette wheels were not as balanced as they were purported to be. They showed bias by landing on some numbers more than others. So, Jagger decided to test that theory. Over the course of a month, he studied the roulette wheel carefully, noting the winning numbers. He started wagering successfully, and over several days walked away with more than 2 million francs, an equivalent of £80,000 at the time.

Why Should You Learn How to Play Roulette?

If you are looking for a table game with attractive opportunities to win without a steep learning curve, then roulette is worth your time. The casino game is one of the most uncomplicated gambling alternatives. So, even if you are hearing about roulette for the first time, you won’t have trouble learning to play. Despite that, players can walk away with decent wins. You just have to know how to maximize your winning chances. However, remember that roulette is mostly about luck. With the different varieties available for online and live dealer roulette, gamblers have more than enough gaming options from which to pick.


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Frequently Asked Questions on How to Play Roulette

If you are still wondering how to play roulette online, then these questions should help.

What is the house edge in a game of roulette?

Due to the double zero, American roulette has a house advantage of 5.27, one of the highest in casino games. The house edge on European roulette is 2.7%.

Which bet is called the beast?

The Beast is the five-number bet that is only available on American roulette. It consists of 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 with odds of 6 to 1.

How to find out if the casino allows surrender?

Since online casinos do not advertise if they offer “Surrender” on even money, you have to ask. In a live game, you can ask the croupier or customer support when playing the regular casino roulette.

Should I approach playing online differently to when playing in the flesh?

Yes. Online roulette depends entirely on a computerized system while an offline game can be affected by physical factors like the force a dealer uses to drop the ball. For this reason, the strategy you employ to play roulette physically will be different compared to gaming online.

How to win at roulette every time?

Because roulette is a game of chance, it’s impossible to win in every game, regardless of experience. Even when you use a roulette strategy, it increases your odds of winning but doesn’t guarantee it. Therefore, you should wager on a roulette game while keeping the risks in mind.

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