Discover and Play Top Real Money Online Slots in May

Betting online has never been easier! With the technology we have today, you get to enjoy an even more intensified experience than that you have at a land-based casino. In this guide, we’ve made a list of the best slot games providers in 2024 for you to pick from.

Websites offer a ton of slot games for you to enjoy. We’ve taken into consideration tons of factors to pick some online gambling platforms that would suit the needs of many.

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Online Slots: The Different Types Available

Software providers work hard to provide different types of slots at online casinos. This way, punters get lots of options when they think about betting on online slots. Some differ in gameplay, some differ in graphics and sound effects. But the fact remains that your experience would be enhanced online with top-notch providers.

Some of these games are as follows:

3 Reel

This one is considered the traditional version of what a slot machine is supposed to be like. With their fruity movements, you get just three reels to spin. It’s a little bit faster to roll through than other slot games, since the reels are not that many, and can be extra fun as the spins go by.

5 Reel

5 Reel slots work in the same way as 3 reel slots, however, with two other reels added to the original version. But players get even more paylines, which can be quite entertaining if you’re betting for a long time. The possibilities are endless!

Progressive Jackpots

This one is probably a personal favorite of many punters out there. The progressive jackpot slots are advantageous, as the jackpot keeps growing in value so long as it’s not won. Definitely a fun experience!

Mobile online slots


Mobile online slots are the ones you can bet on the go using your smartphone device. Providers are now offering responsive games that can be wagered through on all devices. You might even get an app to enjoy your favorite online slots using your mobile phone. It’s a great experience to stroll about and gamble every now and then!

Mega spin

Mega spin

This one comes with 5 reels, which has around 9 paylines. You can bet with low values like $0.01, and even place wagers as high as $1.00. Some of its known versions are created by Microgaming and iSoftBet.



These slots can multiply your winnings by up to 6. Multipliers are usually found as Wild symbols or free spins. When hitting a wild symbol with a certain multiplying percentage, it will be applied to your winnings on the specific spin.

Guide to Online Slots – Elements and Components

As a new punter, you might be a little bit confused at first with the diversity of slot games on offer. We’ve tried our best to lay out some things for you so you can go about your gaming easily.


If you want to play online slots, you’ll be met with tons of features. Whatever provider you go for, you’ll find many of the terms we’ll explain below mentioned. So, let’s go ahead and familiarize you with some of these:

Symbols On The Reels

Each reel of online slots has around 20 symbols, the cherries and lemons you usually see when rolling. These symbols have tons of significance when betting on online slots. In our guides, you’ll find some explanations to help you with your gambling experience.

Wild Symbols

Wild Symbols

These are the kind of symbols that, whenever you have them, they can replace any other shape. Let’s say you want the three reels to present cherries. When lemon is a wild symbol, you can have two cherries and a lemon for a payline. These are the most cherished among casino punters.

Expanding Wilds

Expanding Wilds

These work in the same way as normal wild symbols. However, they increase the stake a punter gets out of their results. Expanding wilds are usually found in machines called multi-payline.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are the shapes that would appear on the machine, but not on the payline, and still would register a bonus/win for the player. These are favoured by punters a lot; since they don’t have to hit a certain combination to get a bonus from these.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wilds

These symbols when they appear, they would trigger a new spin while holding their position. This is cool, since you’d get another chance at hitting a combination without betting once more.

Transferring Wilds

Transferring Wilds

This one basically works just the same as the regular wild symbols but can substitute any other shape found on the payline. Transferring wilds will get you this result.

Multiplier Symbols

Multiplier Symbols

Whenever a player hits a multiplier symbol on the reels, the stake would be multiplied by a certain amount. This depends on the multiplier symbol that appears in front of you. You’d be really lucky to get one of those as you roll through your gambling sessions.

Return To Player (RTP)

In gambling, you’ll find this term mentioned every now and then. Return to Player, or RTP, is the percentage a casino sets in regards to the stakes a punter gets out of a certain game or the whole gambling facility.

When choosing your gambling options, it’s important to pay attention to the RTP offered. Usually, that percentage ranges from 90% to 98%. Going for the highest rate is always favorable, and that’s how websites compete with one another – offering players a better RTP when playing.

Slot GameSoftwareRTP %
Ugga BuggaPlaytech99.07
Blood SuckersNetEnt98.00
Jackpot QuestRed Tiger96.30
Book of DeadPlay N’ Go96.21
Mega MoolahMicrogaming88.12

Volatility Of The Slot Machine

Well, this depends on two factors: the RTP offered, and your luck. Basically, the higher the RTP is offered through a certain game, the more likely you’re going to win. But your luck also works as an integral part of all online gambling. It’s not risky to bet on slot machines, not more than other games you’re used to.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

That’s another term you’ll hear quite often. The Random Number Generator is the technology that ensures that all online gambling options are fair to bet through. When all the outcomes of the options you have at gambling sites are randomized, you get to verify that the slot machines are not rigged in any way.

Whichever provider you choose to check with, you’ll find that they’re applying RNG as this is now industry standard. If Not DO NOT consider joining and gambling with them.

Online Slots Software

The fire that ignites all the stuff we like is those software providers that create the online slots we love. Some of these providers are NetEnt, Microgaming and Betsoft Gaming. These companies provide top-notch quality video slots for us punters to enjoy. You’d find that most gambling sites are opting for the best software developers to integrate their creations. This way, they ensure that their customers would get the best experience out of their gambling.

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Jackpots on Online Slots

Slot machines are known for having jackpots, some grow in value while some remain the same. But it’s a prize that every punter is looking to hit a certain combination to reach it.

There are different kinds out there:

  • Standalone Progressive Jackpot – This one keeps growing in size as it’s not won. The more you bet and not hit it, it will keep growing in value until claimed.
  • Proprietary Progressive Jackpot – This type of jackpot is linked with a crossed the online casino over different games they’re offering. This means that not just the game you’re betting through contributes to the jackpot, but many.
  • Network Jackpot – A network jackpot is linked across different casinos that host the specific progressive slot , such as mega moolah. Therefore the jackpots will be higher even record-breaking.
  • Fixed Jackpot – It’s a jackpot that doesn’t really change in value. It’s set, usually by the casino, and does not change its value no matter how much you bet. It’s usually a good amount, though.


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Playing Tips and Strategy for Online Slots

See below for 5 top tips from our team here at best reviews:

  1. Practice and Demo Modes – You can practice your strategies on some free games without wasting any money. This way, you get familiar with the ones you like without having to risk any real cash.
  2. Play For the small jackpots – A good strategy would be going for the smaller jackpots which have a higher chance of being hit. This way, you won’t be shooting for the moon… since it’s too far away.
  3. Old is Gold – Try the classics – You can go for the classic options offered through online casinos. Since slot machines go way back in time, you’ll find variations offered online that would resemble the very same old games that used to be frequently enjoyed.
  4. Play At Reputable sites – You should always pick a provider that is reputable and has been known in the industry for a while. Pick a website that has legal licences and proper seals to ensure that all betting activities are regulated.
  5. Get The Best Slot Bonus You Can – When you’re picking an online casino, try to go for one that has the best bonuses for slot machines. You usually find these promotions advertised on the landing page of the casinos.

Online Slots Reviewed 2024

It is fun to try out different slot machines every now and then. A lot of things can change, like RTP, graphics, features, and even jackpots. Punters usually do not like to stick to just one version of slot machines. Read our slot reviews to gain an insight into the game and learn some playing tips, then try the available demo version.

Offerings At The Best Slot Casinos – How you Benefit

See our brief guide below of what the best casinos will offer for tor those wanting to play online slots:

  • Play Online Slots For Fun – Free Games

    One of the best things about slot-games is that you can practice and familiarize yourself with the ones you don’t know for free. You may want to try games like Batman, Monty’s millions or Wizard oz without spending money. This, you can do so by going to one of the providers that are willing to offer a demo free of charge.

  • Massive Range of Real Money Slot Games

    In online casinos, you’d also find a wide variety of options to bet through with real cash. As the options are varied, you will never get bored doing what you love. Some of these options are Gratis and mega moolah, which are quite popular among punters worldwide. If you’re in for some slot games, you’ll find plenty online to enjoy as much as you can.

  • Secure and Fair Digitally Distributed Gaming Systems

    Games secured through high-end systems such as microgaming ensure that everything is done in a fair manner. All your bets would be placed fairly, and you won’t even have to question whether the game is rigged or not. Aside from that, since money transactions take place in online gambling, software providers secure their creations with safeguards to protect your information.

  • Welcome Bonuses to Play on the Top Slots

    As a reward for new customers, casinos usually offer bonuses to join their clientele. These usually come in the form of free spins, or just an extra amount of funds added to your account to gamble with. Either way, players are always exhilarated when they claim new promotions and see the rewards in their accounts.

  • Super Playing Experience on Slot Machines

    For you as an online punter, betting through these slot machines is something out of the world. While back in the days you had to go to an actual casino to place your wagers on slot-games, you are easily doing it while sitting on your comfortable sofa. Not only that, but you also get to experience hundreds of different ones with diverse features that you never dreamt of.

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What is your favourite game?

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What is your preferred payout speed?

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What is your preferred device?

Best casino that match your preferences

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Playing Online Slots For Free Versus Real Money

As you’re probably aware, betting on online slots can be done for free or using real money. Whether you want to practice some Black Diamond, Wizard of Oz, or even Spartacus, you can do so both ways.

Free Slots

✔️ You don’t waste money as you practice.

✔️ Try out as many games as you like

✔️ Betting as much as you like without risking money

✔️ A wide variety of games offered

✔️ Trying different casinos at ease, without having to pay each for their services

❌ Not receiving actual rewards for your gambling, as you’re not betting with real money

❌ Less intriguing and exciting, as the real thrill is always tied to real rewards

Real Money Slots

✔️ Super fun and can be quite entertaining when the jackpots are high

✔️ Getting real rewards when luck is on your side and you win more

✔️ A massive library of games offered at providers to choose from

✔️ Tons of different features when it comes to online slots, with the possibility of getting free spins

✔️ Raising your bets and multiplying your rewards is another privilege

❌ Can be too intriguing to let go of – you might start betting more than you intended

❌ You won’t be able to bet and roll as much, since you’re wagering with actual money

Online Slots ㉆ Frequently Asked Questions❓

How do online slot games work?

They work through the RNG system to ensure the outcomes are random and fair. The rest is just spinning and rolling, going after the big jackpots and the wild symbols to activate rewards.

What do I need to know when choosing an online casino to play slots?

If you’d like to enjoy slot machines and you still haven’t decided on an online casino, you can read some online reviews to make a wise decision. Slot reviews usually offer you tons of information to get you going. Just pick a casino that offers good bonuses, payment methods that suit you, and a good variety of slot machines.

Can I win real money playing slots online?

Definitely! It doesn’t differ much from the card games you’re used to. Your rewards will be available for withdrawals to real cash. It’s actual gambling, but done online and with good graphics!

Are online casinos with slots trustworthy?

For sure! RNG technology is integrated with online slots to ensure that the outcomes of your spins are totally random. Most casinos, if not all, integrate this technology to make the games fair. You don’t have to worry about that in the least bit.

How do I choose a slot machine that’s going to drop the jackpot?

Well, dropping the jackpot is just pure luck! This happening only depends on luck and whether one of your rolls hit the right combination. You cannot choose a slot machine that would definitely drop the jackpot for you.

Are slots at online casinos rigged?

Definitely not! RNG technology ensures that all the outcomes are not messed with and are fair. You get random numbers that are determined by programs and not humans. You can bet as much as you want while setting your mind at ease, those games are not rigged whatsoever.

How do I choose the best slot machine to play?

This depends on your own personal preferences. While some casinos are better than others, there is no single best slot machine game out there. Some might be more popular than others, but having a favorite is definitely something subjective. Just try out some games till you find the one you like the most.

What is the best casino online for slots?

There are many options out there, like LeoVegas, 888Casino, and UniBet. Some providers can be more experienced and better than others, but the best casino is something you will have to decide upon yourself. Go with a provider that serves you the best options that suit your situations and preferences.

On what online slots can I win real money?

All online slots that require actual money to be deposited in your account for you to bet will provide you with real money rewards. This happens, of course, if you win while betting. You will be able to withdraw your earnings to your bank account, or any other prefered method you’d choose.

Can play slots for free online?

For sure! If you can find an online casino no-deposit bonus free spins, you would be able to do so at ease. Some providers even offer their games for you to try out at no charge at all. However, you will not be able to withdraw any real money winnings, though. But it’s fun to try out some games before going in with real money.

Slots from which software provider payout the most?

Payouts might differ from one provider to the other. A casino sets its own RTP, which is the payout percentage, and usually states it on its official website for players to know about. Make sure to check the rate before placing your wagers with a casino. You can find it on the site, or just their customer support to disclose it.

Are there welcome bonuses for slots?

For sure! Welcome bonuses are offered when you join a new platform. Check out detailed reviews for gambling sites to choose the best offers out there. Also, you can get free spins when you’re in for some video slots. The promotions each casino offers are usually advertised on their landing page. It’s easy to find.

What are the best free online slots to play?

A simple Google search would serve you well. Some of the best free online slots out there are Golden Goddess, Starburst, Jackpot 6000, and Da Vinci Diamonds. Just check out some of these and go for the top ones. Hey, they’re free to enjoy… right?

Is it easy to play online slots?

Video slots are super easy to bet and place your wagers through. Just pick a casino that you like and you’d be able to do so in no time. Join the platform and pick the top games they have to offer. Also, you can read above about the different types and features online slots tend to have.

Where can I play the top online slots?

There are many casinos out there and you can pick a casino that has the top games you enjoy the most. You may read through our reviews to learn more about providers on the market. The top-rated games are usually offered at the more experienced providers.

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