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Online Real Money Video Slots

The most common games found in online casinos are video slots. Due to them being easy to understand and play, making them popular with people who do not wish to learn any strategies. Online casinos can hold thousands of video slots which is a major plus over land-based casinos that have limited space. While older slots are quite basic and based on 3 reels, modern video slots have added many new and exciting features.

Best Online Casinos List For Video Slots July 2024

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What Are Online Video Slots?

Video slots work on the same principle as classic slots. Players place a wager and then spin a set of reels. Depending on the combinations of symbols that the reels stop on, the player will win or lose. While early slots worked with 3 reels and a single pay line, modern slots can have several reels and many pay lines. This offers players many more ways to win, adding to the excitement. Also, modern slots offer features such as bonus rounds and extra spins.

Video Slot Features

Many exciting features add to the excitement of playing video slots. Wild symbols and scatter symbols offer many interesting ways to win. They can trigger bonus rounds and award players with free spins. And some even trigger rounds where you can play for incredible jackpots.

How To Play Video Slots Online

While every slot will have different features, the core gameplay remains the same. The main difference between slots is whether it has bonus features built-in.

  • Wager a number of coins

  • Select how many pay lines to play

  • Press the Spin button

  • Land 3 or more similar symbols in a pay line to win

  • What you win depends on what symbols you hit

  • Play the bonus round if applicable

  • Collect your winnings if you’re lucky


How much you win on any spin depends on 2 main factors - the symbols you land, and the amount you wager. A paytable explains the payout for landing a particular combination of symbols. Before you spin you will choose how many coins to bet, and there will be a min wager and a max wager that you can place. Your win for any spin is calculated by multiplying the payout by your wager.

Pay lines

Playing more pay lines will increase your chance to win on any spin. But the more pay lines you play, the more each spin will cost. You can win on more than one pay line in a single spin and even have the same symbols payout on multiple pay lines. In general, it is best to play the maximum number of pay lines. Landing wild or scatter symbols on many pay lines will increase your winnings.

Jackpot Video Slot Games

One of the biggest reasons slots are so popular is the chance of hitting a jackpot. Some slots contain Mini Jackpots that offer a reasonable chance of winning them. Others have Mega Jackpots that can reach incredible sums but are difficult to win.

Flat Tops

Flat Tops have a jackpot with a fixed cap. The maximum jackpot is usually expressed as a multiplier of your bet size. No matter how long you play or how many players have played before you, the max jackpot will always be a set amount.

Progressive Jackpots

With Progressive Jackpots, there is no maximum to how big the jackpot can grow. Slots can be linked and the jackpot feature shared among them. Every time you spin, a percentage of your bet adds to the jackpot, until one lucky winner hits the jackpot.




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Video Slots Terminology

While the gameplay is usually quite straightforward, there are some terms worth knowing. Before playing a slot, players will often check the RTP and volatility of the slot. Here is a quick guide to the most common terminology.

RNG - RNG stands for a Random Number Generator. It is a common method used to ensure fairness in games. A computer algorithm generates a random number that determines what symbols end up on the reels. Since the number is completely random, you can be sure that every spin has an equal chance of winning.

RTP - RTP stands for the Return to Player. It is the amount of money that a slot will return as winnings over time. We expect a slot with an RTP of 95% to return $0.95 for every $1 wagered. Therefore, popular slots will return bigger amounts over time.

House Edge - The house edge is the amount of money that a casino expects to make from a slot over time. A slot with an RTP of 95% will make the casino 5% of the money spent by all players. The house edge is what guarantees that the casino will always make a profit from a game.

Volatility - The volatility of a slot describes how often you can expect to spin before getting a win. Slots are usually categorized as low, medium, or high volatility. Low volatility slots will pay out more often but the amount you will win is usually small.

Top 3 Most Popular Video Slots

While there are many popular slots, there are a few that have become household names in the industry. It is usually because of the chance to win mega jackpots.

Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot Slot

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is often referred to as the Millionaire Maker, having produced more than 70 millionaires. With an RTP of 88% and medium variance, it features 4 progressive jackpots. While the RTP may seem low, 8% of all wagers add to the mega jackpot which has reached over $20 million in the past.



Starburst is a low variance slot with an RTP of 96%. With a cool outer space theme, beautiful 3D effects, and a pulsating soundtrack, it is one of the most popular low variance slots. With an expanding wild respin feature, you can expect frequent small wins from this slot.

Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is a progressive slot that pays out incredible jackpots. The theme is wealth and the game forces you to imagine huge sums of money. With an RTP of 96% and 3 progressive jackpots, this low volatility slot once paid out €17 million on a €0.25 wager.

Software Providers of Video Slot Games

Gambling online for real money is a competitive market. Consequently, there are many developers producing quality video slots. It is common practice for a top online casino to use several software providers. This ensures that they can offer a larger selection of games for their customers. And the quality of games gets better each year. With better processing speed in modern computers, we get better graphics and features. While there are many different developers, only a few rise to the top. Big names like Playtech, Microgaming, Novomatic, IGT, and NetEnt, are among the leaders in this industry.

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Play Free Online Casino Video Slots

There are several ways to play online video slots for free. Many casino sites offer you the chance to play games for free to showcase titles in their portfolio. Thereby, giving you a chance to test out the casino and see if you like their selection of games. Furthermore, free spins are often offered as part of a welcome package, so you can try slots for free with the chance to win real money.

Play On the Go!

While early video slots were only accessible on desktop, nowadays you can play on a mobile device. There are instant play games that do not need any download that you can access via a web browser to play. Also, there are many online casino apps that you can use to play on iOS and Android devices. However, there are some games that you cannot play on mobile, but you will find the most popular slots are compatible with all devices.

Video Slots at Brick and Mortar Casinos

The first video slot game was produced in 1976 in California. However, players were slow to take to video slots as they believed that they were easier to be rigged. The first company to see the potential was IGT who in 1978 acquired the company that produced the first video slot. Nowadays there are thousands of different video slots in land-based casinos. And with their massive jackpots, they remain the most popular of the land-based casino games.

What Makes a Great Video Slots Online Casino?

When choosing an online casino, there are many things to consider. Casinos that use several different software providers have a larger library of games. But if you like a particular game, make sure that the casino offers it. Some casinos allow you to try games for free before betting real money. And many casinos offer free spins as a reward for signing up with them, so you can play for free with a chance to win real money.

Play Video Slots Online

Video slots remain the most popular casino games that people play today, and there are thousands of titles to choose from. Whether you choose to play for fun or for real money, video slots will continue to provide great entertainment. And we can always dream of hitting that elusive mega jackpot.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Video Slots

A selection of the most common questions about video slots.

Are there free slots I can play?

Yes, you try most of the popular video slots for free before gambling with real money.

Which online slot game is the most popular?

The most popular online slot game is Mega Moolah since it has produced over 70 millionaires.

Who are the best software providers for online slots?

The best developers for online slot machines are NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, Novomatic, and IGT.

What is volatility of the slot?

Volatility describes how often a slot will produce a win. For example, low volatility slots will give you many small wins.

Do slot machines pay out more at night?

There is no way to tell when a slot machine will payout, and stories about the best time to play are usually based on superstition.

What guarantees random results for online slot games?

Slots use a Random Number Generator to calculate what symbols appear on the reels. This guarantees a random result and a fair spin each time.